Maca Plus improves energy, balances hormones and can improve the symptoms of menopause.

Maca Plus


Maca is a renowned natural supplement derived from the Peruvian Maca root, celebrated for its diverse health benefits. It is particularly lauded for its ability to enhance energy, stamina, and mental clarity without the jittery side effects commonly associated with caffeine. Maca is also valued for its potential to improve sexual health, increasing libido and fertility in both men and women. Additionally, it has been found to support hormonal balance, which can alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and promote overall wellbeing. With its rich nutritional profile, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Maca serves as a powerful supplement for those seeking to boost their overall health and vitality.


Maca Plus

Black Maca Root

Black maca improves memory function, learning and brain clarity, as well as improving athletic performance. For men black maca increased sperm production and function as well as male libido.

Red Maca Root

Red maca strengthens bones, including preventing post-menopausal bone loss, iproves female fertility and libido, improves prostate function, reduce sinflammation, whilst simultaneously stimulating male libido.

Maca Plus

Yellow Maca Root

Yellow maca assists with improvements in energy, mood and mental health, it increases fertility and sexual function, enhances metabolic function and reduces stress-induced inflammation.these unique properties are due to the fact that maca acts as an adaptogen and seeks to maintain balance during times of stress.

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  • Are you looking to maintain balance, build resilience and prevent health problems?
  • Are you struggling with anxiety, adrenal fatigue, osteoporosis, circulatory issues, hypoxia (low oxygen), or chronic inflammation.?
  • Do you want to overcome brain fog, fatigue, depression, loss of co-ordination and strength. 

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Experience the vitality boost and youthfulness offered by the three types of Maca root – all in one incredible supplement – or your money back!

Maca Plus is manufactured in an cGMP, FDA registered facility at clinical doses.


MACA Plus 6-Month
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MACA Plus 1-Month
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